We really like the rusted finish of our True Texas fire pits, and judging by all the emails we’re getting, y’all do too!  All of our decorative fire pits are built and shipped with raw, unsealed steel and will slowly rust over time, but for those of us who are too impatient to wait for Mother Nature to take its course, here are some simple instructions to speed up the rusting process of your artistic steel fire pit.

***Although everything you will be using is safe for human contact (and some are even edible), it is always a good idea to wear safety glasses and neoprene gloves.***

What you’ll need:

⬜   safety glasses (recommended)

⬜   neoprene gloves (recommended)

⬜   3 spray bottles

⬜   20 oz hydrogen peroxide

⬜   23 oz white vinegar

⬜   1/2 Tbsp salt

⬜   10 oz Simple Green


1. Place your fire pit in a well ventilated area (preferably outdoor).
– Due to the possibility of overspray, you will want to clear the area of anything that can rust.
– We recommend wearing safety glasses and neoprene gloves for the entire process.

2. Degrease your steel fire pit.
– Mix 10 oz Simple Green with 10 oz water in a spray bottle.
– Spray the fire pit and thoroughly wipe down with a clean rag removing all dirt and oil from the steel so the chemicals can evenly coat the steel.
– Completely rinse your fire pit of all degreaser and wipe dry with a clean towel or rag.
– Rinse or change your gloves.

3. Pickle the metal (optional). This step is only necessary if you are looking to get a uniform rust finish. If you prefer a more natural, inconsistent rust finish, you can skip this step.
– Fill a clean spray bottle with 20 oz white vinegar.
– Spray the entire piece with the vinegar and let it dry.
– Repeat until you begin to see a consistent “browning” of the metal.

4. Rust it up!
– In a clean spray bottle mix ½ Tbsp of table salt, 3oz of vinegar, and 20oz of hydrogen peroxide.
– Spray the fire pit from top to bottom (this should eliminate any streaks of rust from drip marks).
– Once all sides have been covered, let the pit sit.
– Do not touch the rust, at this point it is very fragile and likely to flake off.

5. Finishing up.
– Once the fire pit has sat overnight, you may gently rinse the solution off of your object to slow the rusting process. The longer you let the item sit, the darker the rust will become.

And that’s it! Your brand new decorative steel fire pit is ready for s’mores. We hope y’all had as much fun playing with steel as we do every day. Stay tuned for more tips, tricks, and updates from the True Texas Pit crew.