Standard Offset Smoker with Warmer Box

Everything’s bigger in Texas, and this offset smoker with warming box is no exception. This offset smoker, the Duke, has plenty of cooking space for any occasion.

Warmer Box

The warmer box contains 3 sliding racks giving you plenty of surface space. The racks are also removable.

Open up the warming box to find 3 sliding and removable racks that make loading and unloading racks of ribs and serving trays a breeze. Prefer sausage to ribs? Remove the racks completely and pull out the two sausage hooks to hang all the sausage you could possibly want.

Here you can see a great view of all the potential cooking space this large offset smoker has to offer. The sliding racks allow you to utilize every inch of space.

Now for the main attraction, the cooking chamber. We’ve built this offset smoker with a 24″ diameter cooking chamber so we could give you 4 large racks that are also sliding and removable. The ability to remove these makes altering the 3/8″ thick tuning plates a piece of cake. You’ll be able to fine tune your new smoker in no time.

Like with other True Texas Pits smokers, you’ll also find drip rails across the doors of the cooking chamber as well as the warming box.

Additional cooking space directly above the firebox.

Additional cooking space directly above the firebox.

A new feature we’ve added to this offset smoker is an additional cooking rack above the firebox. Food can be cooked here at higher temperatures. The rack can be placed at three different levels so you can adjust the cooking temperature according to what’s on the menu. The firebox also comes standard with a 1/2″ steel plate for the wood to sit on. Both of these standard features can also be added to any of our other smokers.


Like everything we build, the wood grate in the firebox is extremely overbuilt and made to last a lifetime.



Contact us today so you can spend the rest of the summer smoking. Of course, this is Texas so you never really have to stop!