How does an offset smoker work?
For good ol’ slow cooking, the offset smoker is the most popular type of smoker out there. Food smokes in the chamber while the wood burns in the firebox. A lower and more constant heat is achieved by having the wood burn off to the side of the main cook chamber (thus, the word offset).

Can I grill on your offset smoker versions?

Are the grates removable?
For your convenience, all of our smokers are built with removable grates. Most versions slide as well (see descriptions).

How long will my smoker or grill from True Texas Pits last?
All of our smokers and grills are over-engineered and overbuilt.  To say they’re made to last a lifetime would be an understatement. The cook chambers and fireboxes on all of our models are made from at least 1/4″ steel.  All other details such as gauges, handles, casters, etc. are also made from top quality materials and are built to last.

Do you sell used pits?
We rarely sell used pits, but if you are looking for one, please email or call us to see if we might have one.

Any suggestions on what wood to use for my new True Texas Pit smoker?
View our post on choosing the perfect wood.

How do I season my new pit?
Check out our instructions on how to season your new pit.

Are your smokers competition grade?
All of our smokers are competition grade. We do not build mass-produced, made in China quality smokers and pits.

What are the advantages of ¼” steel?
1/4″ steel has many advantages including heat retention, longevity, and even heat distribution.

Do you do custom pits?
We do offer custom pits. Please inquire for pricing and turnaround time.

What is your return policy?
Due to the nature of our business, we cannot allow returns, refunds, or cancellations.  However, we are sure you’ll love your new pit!

What is the warranty for my new smoker? 

How do I maintain my pit?

Do you offer shipping?
We ship nationwide.  Click here: https://truetexaspits.com/request-shipping-quote/ to request a shipping quote.

I’d love to work for True Texas Pits.  How do I apply?
To be considered for a position with True Texas Pits, please send your resume to info@truetexaspits.com 

Where are you located?  Can I visit your facility?
We are located about 3.5 miles east of downtown Houston on Navigation Blvd. You’re welcome to pick up your new smoker or pit, but we do not have a retail showroom.

Do you rent smokers or BBQ pits?
If we happen to have any used items on-hand we will rent them. Please inquire to see if we have any available.

Do you offer wholesale pricing?  Do you have a private label program?
Yes, let us know what you’re looking for and we’d be happy to let you know how we can help.

Do you keep your smokers in stock?
All of our items are made to order (however, we will occasionally have a few on hand, so please inquire).  Turnaround to build can vary significantly and is usually between 3 to 8 weeks.