With summer on the horizon along with some great warm weather, the smoker you’ve been dreaming of all winter long is now within your reach.

With all of our smokers, the meat you’re grilling will come out impeccable every single time, so stressing about your smoker burning out is a thing of the past. Smokers from True Texas Pits are also all equipped with a drain valve to make cleaning up hassle-free.

small offset smoker

The Holy Smokes

Fabricated with removable sliding trays, you will be able to set in and remove your smoked meat without having to wrestle with it. Our two door smokers don’t come with a divider in the cooking space, meaning cooking bulkier meats just got two times easier. With the multiple levels of shelving on most of our models, you’re sure to have plenty of space to hold all your barbeque necessities. Additionally, our smokers are built with 4 hook utensil holders to hold your cookware when not in use.

offset smoker with solid steel plate

The Duke

Pullout grate - pull out grate smoker

Sliding Trays







No matter what offset smoker you choose, we can alter and construct it to your liking to make sure you are getting the most out of it. Contact us for more info and we’ll help you to get your dream smoker up and going in no time.